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Animated thermal
                                                imaging series showing
                                                different human and
                                                animal infrared

Green Technology for Health Imaging

The Value of
Temperature Mapping
for Humans & Animals
is "established as an outcome measure"

ref. Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine

Since 1987, Teletherm infrared has been providing thermal imaging cameras
for the supportive and non-invasive evaluation
of breast, thyroid, musculoskeletal, cerebral vascular, inflammatory and neoplastic conditions. 
Changes in micro-circulation affect thermal emissions from the body.

Thermal imaging cameras
With the Teletherm TIGER4 infrared camera, the thermal image quality and sensitivity of measurement is unequaled for a radiometric thermal imaging system.  Teletherm cameras are designed specifically and calibrated for medical and veterinary thermal scans, image post-processing and analysis.

The technology is from a development team with over three decades in this field and specialists with remote infrared passive sensing. 
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     Thermal image of the back

Learn about medical and veterinary infrared thermography.  Provided by experienced educators in clinical infrared.  Technical Certification is given for learning the practical elements and tools for using thermal imaging.

The current and relevant topics for using thermal imaging for health assessments are available in a convenient, online series of affordable programs. Personalized Zoom sessions are also available.
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Upcoming Seminars
Clinical infrared training seminars are held periodically throughout the year to assist those wanting hands-on experience with thermal imaging camera technology.

The program consists of informative, interactive sessions, with an immersion into the practical and beneficial use of infrared camera technology. 
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Equine thermal image Veterinary thermal imaging
Large and small animals can be evaluated comfortably and easily for all types of conditions that may not be readily observed through conventional means.

Infrared imaging is proving to be very useful in the equine field and cattle industry, among other unique applications such as canine massage therapy, endangered bird research, ocular stress in animals, evaluation of pharmaceutical use, and general veterinary studies.
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Thermal Imaging Software
Going beyond the basics of thermal imaging software, ThermReview not only handles the essentials for thermographic readouts, it enhances the experience for those interested in really studying the detail and elements of an image. 

There are many more features that are not available, or even possible, on other systems. 
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                                      display from thermal imaging

before and after
                                      acupuncture thermal views
infrared image before &
                                      after acupuncture
Before & After Studies
Thermal images taken before and after provide an excellent visual testimonial for all types of therapies and products.  See the dynamic benefits of many different health programs.  Observe the efficacy of treatment programs.  

It's an objective, non-invasive and independent view of a particular therapy, and helps with clinical direction.
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Worldwide Research
Over 6,000 published papers appear in the research literature on medical thermography and thermal imaging.  Some significant work has been compiled and selected from the various health areas. 

Work with diabetes, obstetrics, neurology, sports medicine, paediatrics, rehabilitation, burn studies, wound care are just some of the many important uses for this technology. 
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History Ergonomics Accessories  White paper on thermal imaging
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