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Veterinary and Equine Thermal Imaging Course

Featured in Veterinary Practice News, EquiManagement, Holistic Horse Magazine et al.
  series of
                          equine and animal images

Online Infrared Program

Helps with Thermal Imaging Evaluations
of large and small animals

For Veterinarians, Trainers, Therapists,
Owners, Farriers, and Animal Lovers

A complete study program for using
infrared thermal imaging cameras
in the Veterinary field.


Developed from 30 years of experience
with training and implementation of  this technology
for private
centers, mobile imaging, and research institutions throughout the world.

Technical Certificate of Achievement
Provided upon Completion
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Unlimited access to program website
  • Periodic updates with added material
  • Complimentary consultation

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Does not require ownership of an infrared camera or prior experience.

Comprehensive educational package for understanding the use of infrared cameras for health evaluations in the Veterinary field.

with this convenient, informational program

  • Infrared Camera Science ...
  • Set up of Imaging Center
  • Environmental factors ..
  • Establishing Protocols / Consistency 
  • Small Animal vs. Large Animal Studies ...
  • Specific Equine section ...
  • Suggested Views / Preparations / Forms ...
  • Format / Notes for Reading Images ...
  • Fee Guidelines / Accepted practices ...
  • Imaging Camera Selection Criteria  ...
  • Software Considerations for processing ...
  • Marketing Suggestions / Medico-Legal ...
  • Latest Research in Veterinary medicine ...
  • Thermal Imaging Organizations & Texts ...
  • Images with Various Conditions ...
  • Q&A Section

Includes Narrated Presentations,
Downloads, Forms, Videos, and comprehensive image examples

Designed and compiled by educators, scientists, and eminent researchers in the field of infrared thermal imaging for veterinary and medical applications.


Non-invasive imaging for Musculoskeletal, Vascular, Stress, Monitoring Therapies,
Performance Evaluations, Saddle Fitting & More


      Thermal Asymmetry - Muscle injury
           thermal image of horse
                                    buttocks with muscle tear

What others say:

"I enjoyed the online Veterinary infrared course.  Very interesting and informative!  I am an equine sport massage therapist and plan to incorporate this skill into our horse therapy ... I will continue to access the program for reference and new information.  Again thank you."  K.T., Arizona, USA

"Thanks for the course, it's very important to know all of this.  Thanks for everything." P.L., Vet Therapist, Guatemala

"Great introduction course, thank you!"  H.T., Ontario, Canada

"Thank you very much.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course."  L.S., Italy

"I am so grateful to you for always being so helpful when I've had questions, and the continuous learning and support you provide me."  N.D. Saskatchewan, Canada

"Thanks very much for that.  The course is fantastic  I do have a question about an image I captured on my horse ..."  J.P., Equine Therapist, Australia

"I finally had the time to complete the program this weekend and am happy to see that I did well. I found the information very interesting and look forward to getting to work.
  I appreciate the information on interpreters.  Iíll see what I can do there. Thanks for everything."  T.D., New Jersey

"Thank You for all :) Best regards,"  A.B., DVM, Hungary

"This course has been very informative.  I'm glad I took the course before buying a camera."  A.R., British Columbia

"It was a well put together class, very informative and affordable, which is important to me"" B.B., Indiana, USA

Veterinary & Equine
Course on Thermal Imaging
Unlimited access to program website

(US) $245. per registered user

Does not require ownership of an infrared camera

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Thermogram of Siamese cat
Scottish Terrier thermal image

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