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Thermal Image Review / Readings

Image Study Course


Thermal Image Libraries, Techniques, Downloads & Work Section

" ... a comprehensive introduction
to gain the experience
it would have taken
to actually capture the number of images
presented in this program."


Reviewing thermal images associated with various health care applications
  • Segmental studies show various case examples
  • Involved physiological areas are noted
  • Review the images online
  • Providing qualitative & quantitative readings
  • Symmetry evaluations for each image
  • Relative temperature differentials noted
  • Image Volumes I - VI:  Anatomical / Physiological Views
  • Followup Studies
  • Identifying artifactual issues on a study
  • Suggested Protocols used
  • Suggested phraseology and formats for reports / evaluations
  • From a collection of images spanning over twenty years
  • Procedure and positioning points are noted
  • Notes on additional views that may be important to a study
face imageshand imagesfoot/leg images

breast imagesback imagesOther Images

Complete archive volumes of thermal images
for each section of the body.

Learn the basic key reviewing elements
of the thermal image

Includes Recent Clinical Studies

Fully Digital Thermograms
Processed with ThermReview  software

Unlimited access for up to one year.

Thermal Image Review Program


Fee:  (US) $150.
(includes unlimited access for one year)

Carol breast image


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