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Note thermal asymmetry in jaw area. Cool zone on subject's left side (image right) depicted by green and yellow patterns. Cold over nasal region. Increased activity in right cervical region into location of jaw on right side (image left). Extremely cold fingers on both hands for male subject. Legend: red is hot, blue is cold.
Left lateral view of head. Subject is wearing shirt and tie, restricting view of cervical region. However, note increased thermal regions associated with paranasal areas, and in the temporal region. Significant activity along the jawline below the ear as compared to right side of face in image below. Subject complained of undiagnosed audiological problems.
Compare this image with left side above. Note decreased thermal activity, comparatively, along jawline below the ear and throughout facial region.
Right lateral side of the head of a 70 year old male. Compare with image of left lateral side below. Note increased thermal activity in neck , below the ear, and in temporal region. Some thermal activity radiating through hair as indicated by pointer.
Left lateral view to be compared with image above. Decreased thermal activity, comparatively, in regions described as significant for image FJD3. Note focal heat spots in lower jaw, dental region.
Increased heat pattern of left maxillary sinuses (image right). Focal hot spots on the upper and lower jaw. Anterior view is somewhat symmetrical overall. Note decreased activity, relatively, over right eye vs. left side. 
Subject should have removed eyeglasses before image was taken. However, note unusual pattern formation in forehead. There is a thermal demarkation of less intensity from the bridge of the nose to the hairline on the subject's right, in a diagonal pattern formation. Unusual triangular pattern of increased thermal activity at the center of the forehead.
Note increased maxillary sinus activity on subject's right side (image left) as compared to the opposite side. Pattern of increased heat extends down to jawline. Asymmetry in forehead when comparing temporal regions. Also note small cooler zone in upper forehead (image right).
Example of a sinus infection affecting subject's right eye. Significantly increased thermal activity in this region as exemplified by the patterns that appear.
Relative thermal symmetry on this facial anterior view. Note cooler, yellow pattern at bridge of the nose, associated with an implant in the septum. 
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