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thermogram of the breast - heat picture
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thermogram of the face and hands
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     Non-invasive heat maps   ...
      Established as an outcome measure
  • Peripheral & Cerebral Vascular
  • Breast & Thyroid
  • Musculoskeletal & Inflammatory
  • Neoplastic Conditions
human and animal subjects

  • Looks at physiology
  • Sees thermal emissions immediately
  • Changes in circulation affect image
  • Referred functional heat maps
  • Look at cold to hot & relate to anatomy
  • High sensitivity thermal imaging
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with infrared imaging

      Article on Thermology applications
      History of temperature measurement
      Workers evaluations / ergonomics
      Before & After thermal imaging
      Accessories / stands / temp loggers

              image of the ear
thermal image of the eyes and nose closeup
thermal image of dog - canine



Online Certification Programs
The current and relevant topics for using thermal imaging for health assessments are available in a convenient, online series of affordable programs.
This is an efficient way to learn about medical and veterinary thermography. Provided by experienced educators in clinical infrared, the certified technical elements and tools for using thermal imaging are provided.

Full spine digital infrared thermal
                            image of horse
Full spine equine thermal image circa 1987 by Teletherm

Thermal Imaging Software
Going beyond the basics of thermal imaging software, ThermReview not only handles the essentials for thermographic readouts, it enhances the experience for those interested in really studying the detail and elements of an image. The standards of presenting temperature ranges, delta T, emissivity, graphing, identification and annotation are easily handled. Adding to that, there are many more features that are not available, or even possible, on other systems.

Worldwide Research
Over 6,000 published papers appear in the medical literature on thermography and thermal imaging.  Some significant work has been compiled and selected from the various health areas.  Work in diabetes, obstetrics, neurology, sports medicine, are just a few of the many important uses for this technology.  It's far beyond just one application for evaluating human body heat.

Thermal heat image of expectant mother
First thermogram studies of expectant mothers.

Many companies depend upon solid ergonomics programs to ensure good working situations for their employees.  Thermal scans are an important tool for helping determine the physical capacity of the worker in relation to the job requirements.  Quick color pictures confirm work related disorders and repetitive strain injuries.

thermogram heat picture of forearms

A full range of supporting products assist the set-up of a thermal imaging lab or center.  Environmental temperature and humidity loggers, camera stands and performance software contribute to organizing an appropriate facility.  

thermographic image of legs

Thermal imaging cameras
With the Teletherm TIGER4 infrared camera, the thermal image quality and sensitivity of measurement is provided at a fraction of the cost of comparable radiometric systems. The imager is designed specifically for medical and veterinary thermal scans, image post-processing and analysis.

The technology is from a development team with over three decades in this field and specialists with remote infrared passive sensing.

Teletherm TIGER4 infrared
                                    camera with tablet
Teletherm clinical infrared camera with USB connection

Veterinary thermal imaging
Large and small animals can be evaluated comfortably and easily for all types of conditions that may not be readily observed through conventional means.

Infrared imaging is proving to be very useful in the equine field and dairy industry, among other unique applications such as canine massage therapy, endangered bird research, ocular stress in animals, evaluation of pharmaceutical use, and general veterinary research studies.

Upcoming Seminars
Clinical infrared training seminars are held periodically throughout the year to assist those wanting hands-on experience with thermal imaging camera technology.

The program consists of informative, interactive sessions, with an immersion into the practical and beneficial use of infrared camera technology.

ancient hands

The value of assessing thermal emissions from the body dates back to the ancient Egyptians with their ability to assess the physiological condition by moving their hands over an area.  Hippocrates placed mud-soaked rags across the thorax. Where they dried first was an indicator of disease for him.  Modern physicians have benefited from the discovery of infrared, along with the advances in temperature measurement, optics, electronics and software.

Before & After Studies
Thermal images taken before and after provide an excellent visual testimonial for all types of therapies and products.  See the dynamic benefits of many different health programs.  Observe the efficacy of treatment programs.  See the hottest and coldest areas, as a result of changes in thermal emissions from increased or decreased blood flow. It's an objective, non-invasive and independent view of a particular therapy, and helps with clinical direction.

infrared image before
                    & after acupuncture

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for health care use

Infrared thermal imaging for adjunctive evaluations:
... non-invasive heat pictures associated with peripheral vascular, cerebral vascular, breast assessment, thyroid, musculoskeletal, neoplastic, and inflammatory conditions.

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